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Monday, September 28, 2009

Radiohead Giveaway

Radiohead. What’s left to say about this seminal British band that has defined Britpop for nearly twenty years? The genre defying genius of Thom Yorke and company can be charted over the course of their seven albums, but post OK Computer (1997) releases further shape the evocative mood and style that would come to define this their sound over the next decade.

In honor of Capitol/EMI’s recent release of 2CD “Collectors Editions “and Limited Edition 2CD + DVD “Special Collectors Editions” of
Kid A, Amnesiac, and Hail To The Thief, we decided to take a look back at these three influential albums.

Released in 2000,
Kid A became the first Radiohead album to top the charts in the US, debuting at number one and was nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy. Transitioning to a more ambient and electronic sound with tracks like “Idioteque” and “Everything In Its Right Place” this album cemented the band’s place in music history. The stirring fluidity of “How to Disappear Completely” stands as one of the most haunting tracks of the bands catalog.

Released just eight months after
Kid A, 2001’s Amnesiac features tracks “Knives Out” and “Pyramid Song,” both natural extensions of the band’s developing ambient sound. “Life In A Glass House” showcases their experimentation with jazz influences, with trumpet and trombones accompaniment.

Radiohead returned to their guitar roots, combined with other electronic influences on 2003’s
Hail to the Thief. Tracks like “There, There,” “2+2+5” and “Where I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In)" exhibit this fusion with more prominent guitar work.

In celebration of these releases, we are giving away a limited number of the “Special Collectors Editions.” Each “Special Collectors Edition” includes both CDs and a DVD with live music performances and various video clips all packaged in a deluxe, lift-top box. Just e-mail us by this Friday October 2nd.


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