Stranded In Stereo: Stranded in Stereo v16: Download Now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stranded in Stereo v16: Download Now!

Everyone's in NY for CMJ this week. Well, except for me - I am sitting this year out. This volume of Stranded in Stereo came together quicker than any other issue, and although there are no BIG NAMES, we're confident that at least half of these will be the toast of the town by next year.

Again, we're pleased with how this issue came together. Not to pick favorites, but there are some real quality bands including some that are making their debuts here. Our mailing list gets it tomorrow, but you get it today.

Amusement Parks on Fire “In Our Eyes”
Keaton Collective “Trucker’s Wife”
Manicure “Another Girl”
Bodies of Work “Flyers”
Ken Flagg “Pieces”
Bermuda Bonnie “Houseboat”
Emeen Zarookian “My Imagination”
AM “Grand Opinion”
The Subjects “Winter Vacation”
them:youth “Bow and Arrows”
All Wrong and the Plans Change “I Get Down”
Cancel the Astronauts “Intervention”
Night of Sevens “Dirge For An Angel”
Worship “In Our Blood”
Hotel St. George “Island Man”
Static of the Gods “White Flag”
Download Here: AUDIO

Astrid Swan “2000-2010 (I’m Not Even 30)”
them:youth “Bows +Arrows”
Locksley “Darling, It’s True”
Fred “Skyscrapers”
All Wrong and the Plans Chgange “Hey Hey”
Bodies of Work “Flyers”
Quixote “Wide Awake Half Alive”
Download Here: VIDEO


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