Stranded In Stereo: We Are Wolves: New Album

Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Wolves: New Album

Coming straight out of Montreal is Canada's top wolf related band We are Wolves with their third full-length album Invisible Violence. Recorded by Radwan Moumneh (Silver Mt. Zion, Pas Chic Chic) and Hadji Bakara (Wolf Parade, Megasoid) Invisible Violence expands upon there irreverant dance rock with bratty punk ("Holding Hands"), hypnotic electro-pop ("Reaching for the Sky") and moody angular anthem's ("Walking Commotion").

Due for release on February 2, 2010 via Dare to Care Records this three-piece's follow-up to there thrillingly danceable sophomore release Total Magique will entice fans with there visceral sonic explosion and expand upon there well devised sound which will no doubt be a treat for fans on there subsequent tour. They have been praised by The New York Time's, Pitchfork and Spin and In three months there is no telling the accolades they will recieve and the sonic treats we will enjoy. Now we just play the waiting game. ("the waiting game sucks let's play hungry hungry hippos.")

Track Listing for Invisible Violence
1. Paloma
2. Holding Hands
3. Walking Commotion
4. Dreams
5. Vague
6. Reaching For The Sky
7. Me As The Enemy
8. Blue
9. Near Fear
10. La Rue Oblique
11. The Spectacle Of Night
12. Bounty Waterfalls



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