Stranded In Stereo: Final Top Ten

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Final Top Ten

So i was going to collate my top ten's and put together the perfect one, but then my best friend sent me his top ten and he hit the nail on the head. Call it laziness call it what you want, either way, i didn't have to think and that's a big plus around christmas, it means i can get drunk and ignore everything. Here goes:

top ten 2009

1)health- get color
2)a place to bury strangers- exploding head
3)no age -losing feeling ep
4)deerhunter-rainwater cassette exchange ep
5)reakwon-cuban linx 2
6) sonic youth- the eternal
7)the horrors-primary colours
8)atlas sound-logos
9)lightning bolt-earthly delights
10)converge-axe to fall

also a small note
wavves "so bored""no hope kids"
girls"lust for life","morning light" were good pop tracks that were as annoyingly catchy as aids so as singles they deserve an honourable mention.....

Thanks Tim

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