Stranded In Stereo: Dinosaur Jr and T-Mobile live?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dinosaur Jr and T-Mobile live?

Corporate shows are a weird monster.  Big rock shows have been sponsored by corporations for eons, i imagine that you cannot see a Rolling Stones show or a U2 show without massive Virgin screens, or AT&T billboards.  Still you don't expect to see one of Grunge's father figure bands presenting a show to celebrate the release of T-Mobiles new smart phone.  Weirder still their was no mention of the phone throughout the entire show, barely a billboard or a poster even, albeit a few projected words referencing the aforementioned phone.  

You can't blame Dinosaur Jr, they have never been a talkative band, and honestly i would cry if J Mascis was to begin a speech on the benefits of touch screen, wi-fi enabled phones and the apps available.  As amazingly awesome as it was to see Dinosaur Jr live for free, and they did play a great show, it was very strange to see moshing at a corporate show.  I half expected a power point presentation about coverage at the intermission.  

The fans and the band seemed as confused as each other with this weird event.  Still all that aside, J, Murph and Lou played a solid set of classics and new material with soaring solo's and low key vocals.  Still one of the best ear-blistering country grunge bands around, or just one of the best bands around.

  If Kurt Cobain had not of blown his face off i wonder if he would have accepted his place in music and presented a show sponsoring the new iPad or latest 3G smart phone, possibly this would have made him end it all again. 


Anonymous said...

this is weird

Anonymous said...

great article, I just cannot understand why they would pick a grunge band.