Stranded In Stereo: "How Am I Not Myself?"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"How Am I Not Myself?"

Jason Schwartzman, star of such memorable films like Rushmore, Shopgirl and an all time fave, I Heart Huckabees has returned to his gig as a rock and roller. After departing Phantom Planet (he was their original drummer,) Schwartzman concentrated on making films but is now back with a solo project, dubbed Coconut Records. The debut album, Nighttiming, features guest appearances by Incubus guitarist Mike Enzinger and Schwartzman's ex-lover, Zooey Daschnel. The songs are reminiscent of his days in Phantom Planet and at times his brother's band Rooney but definitely have a fresh sound to them. The title track could be an instant hit this summer; what with its sampled strings and phat beat, "Nighttiming" could easily be a instant hit in the clubs of the 1970s and today. Nighttiming is available now via iTunes, and out on Young Baby Records this summer.

Download: "Nighttiming" [mp3] /// Buy Here

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