Stranded In Stereo: Auto Interiors: "Green Arrow"

Monday, May 7, 2007

Auto Interiors: "Green Arrow"

Power pop hasn't sounded this good and fresh since Regretfully Yours came about in 1996. Auto Interiors second album, Let's Agree To Deceive Our Best Friends, is a tome to the great 3-minute song. The 11 tracks that fill this album are filled with huge drums, even larger guitars, and heavenly vocals that easily could pass for early Kinks meets the hey-day of Jawbox.

The center piece of this power pop pie is actually the album's closing number, "Green Arrow." The anthemic guitars that start the song off are soon joined by a driving force of a beat as the vocals of Eric Waxwood attempts of fighting with fire are drowned out by the molten rock and lava of instrumentation. AI's drummer, Bruce Corporal, feels that "Green Arrow" is the best song in their canon of songs, one that was re-recorded from their 2001 debut,
No Frill Halo Flight, because it is a song that only gets better with age. And it is definitely a song that will be stuck in your heads for the rest of the day, I mean, the first time I spun the album I kept spinning "Arrow" so much that it's now almost the song post frequently played in my iTunes on my office computer. That's the power of power pop.

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