Stranded In Stereo: Electrelane Hitting The Shores For "Calls"

Friday, May 4, 2007

Electrelane Hitting The Shores For "Calls"

So I've spent the last 16 hours with No Shouts No Calls, the 4th studio album from Brighton quartet Electrelane. It's dark sounding quality of production goes back to Seachange's 2004 opus, Lay Of The Land, the only difference this time around is it's the near-angelic vocals of Verity Susman. The album's 11 songs present a duel between her earthly delivery with the rest of the band's performance on a number of instrumental tracks.

Whereas "Tram 21" is built around a pulsating bass line and a tight farisfa jam that meshes with the harmonies of Susman her other femme fatales Emma Gaze and Mia Clarke, "To The East" starts off with more of Ros Murray's infectious bass hooks and the . The highlight where it all comes together is the penultimate "Cut And Run." The joyous occasion of the ukelele painting the visions of being on the Hawiian shores of sunset get rained down on by the heart wrenching tale of love lost. Even the vocals sound as bright as the music when Susman laments 'Do do do we're like fish in the sea / And I thought you were the one for me.' What's the word I'm looking for here, irony?

No Shouts No Calls is out Tuesday on Too Pure and the band will play a handful of headlining dates in the U.S. with The Blow (that band that sings about holding me like the parenthesis that this last sentence is being held in.)

Tour Dates:
05/14 - Bard College - Annandale
05/15 - Irving Plaza - New York
05/16 - Paradise - Boston
05/18 - Lee’s Palace - Toronto
05/19 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago
05/20 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago
05/22 - Empty Bottle - Chicago
05/23 - Triple Rock - Minneapolis
05/26 - Sasquatch - George
05/27 - Schnitzer Hall - Portland
05/29 - Greek Theatre - Los Angeles
05/30 - Greek Theatre - Los Angeles
05/31 - Troubador - Los Angeles
06/01 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley
06/02 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley
06/05 - The Parish - Austin
06/07 - Creepy Crawl - St. Louis
06/08 - Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh
06/09 - Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia
06/10 - Black Cat - Washington DC

Download: "To The East" [mp3] /// "Cut And Run" [mp3] /// [Buy Here]

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