Stranded In Stereo: MD Of The Week: Kevin from KCRX

Friday, June 15, 2007

MD Of The Week: Kevin from KCRX

Say hi to Kevin from KRCX in Denver, and when he is not skiing and mountain climbing, which is probably never, dude is listening to great new music. Jess sat down and talked to her favorite MD from Colorado this week.

1. How and/or why did you get involved with college radio?

On the first day of my speech class I said I always wanted to be on the radio and a kid in my class worked at the station, gave me a number to call and a day later I began my love affair with KRCX!

2. Name five bands you are currently in to at the moment
Cloud Cult, We All Have Hooks For Hands, always Bright Eyes, Scanners and KRS-ONE!

3. What kind of show do you do? When is it on? How can people listen to it?
I do a prime time heavy rotation show highlighting some of the best new artist in college radio along with some classics. On M, W, F 1-3pm MT, @

4. How does your station help the community?
We run free promos for campus and community events, have several faculty and local DJs and we also put on several free shows a semester.

5. Can you give some advice to other MD's out there?
Do your homework, listen to some of every album you get in and know who or what it sounds like, because if you can't tell people what it's like, then they won't listen.

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jesspye said...

yaaaay for kevin! he's my favorite