Stranded In Stereo: A Word With Jose Fritz

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Word With Jose Fritz

Stranded In Stereo contributer of the obscure Jose Fritz hits our blog today, giving a brief missive to one of his amazing finds: a band by the name of Doses.

First I get an email from a guy apologizing for the lateness of a CD he says I ordered that I definitely didn’t order. A week later he emailed me again to tell me it was on the way. I kind of expected him to ask me to launder half a million yen through his banking exchange in Zimbabwe. I checked my PayPal account and in fact I never paid the man anything.

I am pretty forgetful about certain things, and sometimes have to resort to examining the scraps of paper in my pockets to piece together a night of events. They say the first losses of cognitive sharpness, the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s start in your mid to late 20s. If so, I should be well on my way.

The mystery heightens. The CD arrives in the mail covered in red electrical tape and illegible scribbling with black sharpie – sans track listing. The band Doses turns out to be brutally abrasive in the vein of Tractor, and Quitters Club. The three tracks even are reminiscent of an early and less obtuse Noxagt.

The opening track “Tap That Acid” was relentless and there was no respite to follow. This three-man noise-behemoth, despite all the feedback, line noise and distortion are pretty mathy. Frequent time changes pepper the songs instead of percussive and repetitive riffing. As low as the production values are, the technical competence and song structure here intimates to me that these guys have been around. If this was a side project of ex-members of Rapeman I’d not be surprised. The demo is clearly on the obscure side, but merits hunting up. Fans of pain, bloodshed and audible testosterone will not be disappointed.

Stream: Doses [Here]

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Rusty Kupyar said...

This is killer!