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Friday, October 5, 2007

Bob Pollard: New Albums / New Video / Tour

I say it every and any time I get to mention it, and that is that Bob Pollard is my hero. The man puts out more records in a year then some bands can manage to get out in their entire span of existence. Next week will prove to be like no other as Uncle Bob releases not one, but two new albums via Merge: the creamy Bob pop that is Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love, and edgier, prog-ladened opus Standard Gargoyle Decisions.

Originally, Pollard mapped out one double album at around 30 songs or so, but after listening to the running order he put together, he started to notice how if you split these songs up in a certain way, it would make more sense.
Coast is named after a song Bob previewed on his short lived tour last fall, that got relegated to a b-side on his in progress 7" singles series. It's what last year's Normal Happiness was thought to be: a nice collection of pop songs that gel together smoothly and swiftly. Gargoyle, on the other hand, has some murkier numbers, with songs that make sharp turns and twists in their two and three minute durations. To celebrate both of these albums, the Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love tour was announced yesterday.

Pack your bags, and get ready to go:

11.30 Chicago, IL @ Metro (Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10AM via Ticketmaster)

12.01 Newport, KY @ Southgate House (Tickets on sale now)

Longtime fan of Bob and someone I know, Mr. Marc Beck has put together a video for
Gargoyle's standout track, "Shadow Port." It's cool as it uses nothing but collages that Bob has made throughout the years. It's very cool.

Stream: Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love & Standard Gargoyle Decisions [Here] // [Buy Here]

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