Stranded In Stereo: Pop Montreal 2k7: Playing Catch Up

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pop Montreal 2k7: Playing Catch Up

This is my first time to Montreal and I totally want to be a tourist, but I am here for work and the business at hand is music. There are a lot of great bands here and I could take the easy way out and only see Ted Leo and Earlimart, but being that I am north of the border, I figured that there were a lot of amazing Canadian bands to see. And I was right.

I did lie a bit about the tourist stuff. I took the picture above at the top of Mount Royal. And tomorrow it's off to the biodome!

The highlights of the festival so far have been two Canadian bands -- Montreal's Diamond Sea and Toronto's We're Marching On, who are pictured above. WMO play a brand of frenzied/spastic indie rock, and it's a sound that fit well in last night's venue -- a second-hand store called Preloved. The lights were out and I think I may have been the only American in the room, but I knew all of the words anyway [thanks, Tenni]. Most of the time, I want the set to be over so I can get out of a venue's cramped setting. I wanted this show to go on all fucking night.

The track "1800s" is available for free download on the band's Myspace page.

Other great bands from last night include Syme.

And lastly, for now, was Lioness. The band was a great way to end the night, successfully splitting the difference between The Gossip and Bauhaus.

I am off to Tim's and then Saint Laurent St....

Sorry these pictures are so shitty, I'll have better ones to post in the upcoming week. To read our official Pop Montreal preview, go to our events page on Stranded in Stereo.

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