Stranded In Stereo: SiS 2007: The Top 30 of 2007 #10-#06

Thursday, December 6, 2007

SiS 2007: The Top 30 of 2007 #10-#06

Now, we are getting down to business.

We've hit the more crucial part of the Top 30, and that would be the Top 10. But rather than give it away in one giant fell swoop, I'm breaking it up n half. You don't want to reveal it all at once, the whole load would be blown, and we don't want that, so with that said, let's take an in depth look at the bottom of the cream of the crop.

The Top 30 Albums of 2007, Part Three Point Five:

10. Radiohead // In Rainbows // TBD
Every few years when Radiohead come around and say "we have a new record," the music world stops. For months, the anticipation builds and builds as a single is revealed here, and then a full-length might leak. This year, they shocked the world by saying "Hi. We have a new album. You'll have it in 10 days." It seemed to me that it was the most anticipated record of all-time. And 10 days later, on October 10th, In Rainbows was unleashed to the world, and we were
blessed with some rather amazing tunes. Most of them had been circulating the web in live form for well over a year, and most were just left to compare how they live versions translated in the studio. What this album did for me was pose the question: Is In Rainbows the album it is because it is heavily influenced by (Thom Yorke's) The Eraser, or, is it what Hail To The Thief is not?

09. Georgie James // Places // Saddle-Creek
Sometime last year while still in college, a good friend of mine was all about Georgie James. “Georgie James this, Georgie James that!” he would proclaim throughout the offices of our college radio station. He was a big fan of John Davis’ former project, Q And Not U, and was singing even bigger praises for this 180 of a project he was now pursuing. I would see them later in the summer and was floored by their catchy pop hooks and multiple influences that spanned decades. It was a drag that I had to wait 15 months for this record, though.

08. Menomena // Friend And Foe // Barsuk
I was
packing my bags in January, and Barsuk was streaming this record. I put it on and was immediately blown away by how original it was. I also get a kick out of the fact their name is a direct reference to the Muppets. The drums are huge, bigger than any arena could ever fill; the saxaphone is everywhere (+500 points,) and most importantly, it's original! Wait, I already said that. The songs are catchy and complex, all at once (see: "Wet & Rusting,") They are humorous, yet they can also be serious all at the same time. It's friendly, and foe-worthy.

07. The Good, The Bad & The Queen // The Good, The Bad & The Queen // (Virgin)
Every time I hear “Herculean,” I’m reminded of the first time I heard well over a year ago, featuring it on my college radio show. And then I go to myself, ‘Damnit. This (along with who knows how many other songs) should’ve been on my Top 10 songs of the year.’ It should’ve, but overall it’s an even better album. It’s serene and whimsical and is just one of the many tricks up Damon Albarn’s sleeve. Really, what’s he going to do next? He's got this, he had the Gorillaz, and we might see another Blur record in our lifetime. He's so well versed in music, that he could go and make a country/bluegrass record that even I would enjoy it I am sure.

06. The Rosebuds // Night Of The Furies // (Merge)
Kelly and Ivan Rosebud: pioneers of their time? With every album these NC lovers put out, they just seem to get better and better. With their third album, they again set out on a quest to tackle new territory, dropping their former 60s sunny-pop for 80s dark romanticism. Once again, it works in their favor, blending new with old (“Cemetery Lawns,”) and exploring seas never before sailed (“Night Of The Furies.”) I just hope their wave of great albums doesn't come crashing down; I could never fathom their being a bad Rosebuds record, could you?

Tomorrow, we reveal the Top 5, the Holy Grail, have you. And we'll also be seeing what the rest of the Stranded In Stereo world has on their Top 10 lists.

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