Stranded In Stereo: Juno Snubbed at "Globes," Kimya Comes to Boston

Monday, January 14, 2008

Juno Snubbed at "Globes," Kimya Comes to Boston

So, I endured that pathetic excuse for an awards ceremony last night called the Golden Globes. What a waste of time. Since the WGA is on strike, I'm convinced they didn't want to award who to me were the obvious winners. Ellen Page, who plays the title character in that Juno movie that I finally saw this weekend which was amazing, lost. She lost to a woman I never heard of, in a movie I never even heard of, that apparenty isn't really a comedy or a musical. Whatever; hopefully she wins an Oscar or something cool. At least Javier Bardem took home Best Supporting Actor for No Country For Old Men.

Anyway, to come down from my Globe tangent (at least I haven't endured anyone with my Cowboys tangent,) to celebrate the release of the soundtrack to Juno, Kimya Dawson will be in Boston Thursday night at 7 at Newbury Comics to play some of her songs that are featured in the movie and on the corresponding soundtrack. Pretty cool, huh? No Moldy Peaches jams, though, as her and Adam Green have a long standing agreement to not play Peach pieces without one another's presence. Oh well, there's always that cute duet between Michael Cera and Page.

: "Anyone Else But You" by Michael Cera & Ellen Page [mp3] // "Tire Swing" by Kimya Dawson [mp3] // [Buy Here]

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