Stranded In Stereo: A Start From The Top

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Start From The Top

This week starts a new column from Hip-Hop fan extraordinare, Tinfoil Grillz.

As the first post from Tinfoil Grillz, it's only proper that the content involve Mr. Hip-Hops himself, Jay-Z. In a recent interview with Billboard, Jay tried to "clarify" some aspects of his career and hip-hop in general...sorta. Most of the interview speaks about the rumored departure of J-Hova from Def Jam, to which Jay gives some murky, play the fence type, no-nothing speak on how the contract ran out, but "If we can work something out that's beneficial to all parties involved, we'll see." Whatever that means.

More interesting is Jay re-suggesting retirement, because it worked oh-so well last time. I swear, Jay-Z makes me feel like a bastard child. He keeps the impending threat of retirement dangled in front of us, and if we behave, and don't ask too much of him, then Daddy won't leave us again. I just hope he stops beating up on lil' brother, Kanye. Speaking of whom, in the last few moments of the interview, Jay drops Kanye's name is a potential leader of the new school, but ultimately suggest that Lil' Wanye will be the best rapper alive, once the best rapper retires. Sorry Kan-yeyo, looks like that "Big Brother" track didn't work as well as we could have hoped?

Want to get the entire scoop on Jay, and find out when you can expect to book rooms at the J-Hotel (I hope this means Chingy remixes!!)? Peep the whole interview

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