Stranded In Stereo: New Counting Crows. Yay(?)

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Counting Crows. Yay(?)

So, I got an e-mail the other day that contained two songs from the Counting Crows upcoming fifth long player,
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. The album is said to be a concept record of sorts: while Saturday Nights is to be all sorts of angry and loud, Sunday Mornings is its quiet counterpart that will cure the hangover.

I remember reading awhile back a small interview with lead Crow/faux-dread enthusiast Adam Duritz saying how some of the songs were dark, darker than your average Counting Crows song. He especially discussed album opener "1492" and how it sounded like a punk version of Crazy Horse; I wouldn't say it sounds so much like a punk version but more like Crazy Horse than most things that try and sound like the formative Neil Young backing band. The middle section of the song, especially. I'm not a huge fan of this band, but you know if this song is this good, maybe the rest of the album won't be so bad? I mean, of the songs I heard them preview to a small crowd at a surprise CMJ set this year, it wasn't the worst of times.

Oh well, I digress. We'll see the outcome of this bipolar experiment when
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings drops on March 25th.

Download: "1492" and "When I Dream Of Michaelangelo" [zip] //[Buy Here]


sage said...

Why are you writing about the counting crows? It doesn't quite fit in with this blog.

afrodisiacos said...

It cannot really have success, I suppose so.