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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Release Tuesday

Last year, the whole indie and blog world was a-buzzing about this Vampire Weekend outfit from New York. After many talks of Oxford Comma's (re: SiS Top 10 Songs of 2007) and going out to Walcott, these boys got picked up by XL for their debut release. Relying heavily on their world/afro beat habits that blend with their new wave/sort of post-rock vibe (Remain In Light is the easiest way to compare this band, not to another band, but their album,) their self-titled debut is certainly going to continue to glow in their favor. They've got a spot at Coachella, they might be at Bonnaroo for all we know, and I just know they'll be the Cold War Kids of this year's Lollapalooza. Do enjoy.

Download: "Walcott" [mp3] // [Buy Here]

On the DVD front this week, I of course have to publicize my neverending love for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, who drop their 5th set of calamity in episodic form. Volume 5 features 15 recent faves as "Dickesode" (in an uncensored form here, with a plot I really don't need to go on explaining,) Sean Moran-approved "Carl Wash," and my #2 favorite of all-time, "Handbanana."

In related news, this week is Super Bowl XLII, and Aqua Teen's own Carl is here to share his predictions on how the game will go down.

Seriously, his weekly "I'm Pissed" columns are as good as these episodes. I wonder what he does when the Giants win next week.

Buy: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 5 [Here]

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