Stranded In Stereo: Brian Jonestown Massacre preps My Bloody Underground

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brian Jonestown Massacre preps My Bloody Underground

He's been strung out in heaven. He's thanked God for mental illness. He's .. kicked a guy in the head (we've all seen Dig!, some, like yours truly, way too many times.) And now, Anton Newcombe and company have returned with the 13th (!?) Brian Jonestown Massacre album, My Bloody Underground, the first record to be released on Newcombe's A Records imprint on April 15th.

The new record fittingly contains 13 new songs recorded last August in Liverpool and Iceland. There's even song titles that you could say were influenced by the location of recording, albeit controversial ("Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney on Heather Mills' Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House).") Mark Gardner of Ride also drops in to contribute to a song, and we're also invited to experience a song written by Newcombe when he was nine, entitled "We Are The Niggers Of The World."

To coincide with the release, Newcombe has crafted a video for every song on the record and has already uploaded them to YouTube, as he also plans to release them on DVD in the near future. Here's the clip for one of my personal favorites, "Automatic Faggot For The People," as we find our beloved singer getting a tattoo on his inner lip.

Download: "Infinite Wisdom Tooth/My Last Night In Bed With You" [mp3]

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