Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (02/18/08)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Morning Newsletter (02/18/08)

Well, well, well, what better way to spend your President's Day than to read more of the slanderous accusations of drug use and the odd tour date in Jose Fritz's Monday Morning Newsletter.

We Are Scientists have scheduled the release of their next album for March 5th. It might be named Brain Thrust Mastery but maybe no
t. We’re not sure. It might be on Virgin records again but probably not. They’re feeling very unconfident after their drummer left. It’s hard to commit to big decisions like this.

Mindless Self Indulgence's new album If will see a release through The End on April 29th. It will be the best album of 2008. End of discussion.

Ours has set up a short set of tour dates after canceling their New Year Eve Show. The release of their new album Mercey is pushed back from March 15th into mid April amid paranoid rumors that Jimmy has run out of Heroin.

Norma Jean has announced that for their new album will be titled "The AntiMother". They are on schedule to be dome by mid-summer. Helmet's Page Hamilton is collaborating on one track.

Many wondered last week why at the last minute My Bloody Valentine was cut from the Coachella concert bill. Kevin Shields came out this week conceding that while his arthritis was a factor, his Alzheimers is the real issue. Coachella founder Paul Tollett said “I envy the elderly and senile, they have Medicare and they get all the best drugs free.”

Sleepercar the side-project of Sparta’s Jim Ward will be out April 22nd. It’s titled West Texas.

On April 4th, Fearless Records will release their Punk Goes Crunk compilation. It boasts songs by classic rappers and not one but two dead MCs. These classics are covered by the likes of New Found Glory and The Secret handshake proving the age-old lesson: white people should not rap.

Tapes N’ Tapes is putting out a new record, Walk It Off, on April 8th through XL Recordings. The first single is “Hang Them All.” The band in all their open source hippie-dom has posted a version in .flac on their website.

If you hadn’t heard Shihad has ditched their Warner Bros pseudonym of Pacifier in 2004 and are Shihad again. They are so Shihad in fact they are touring Australia to let everyone know that they are sorry about the whole pacifier thing. Their latest album Beautiful Machine comes out this April.

More rumors surface about Scarlett Johansson and her mystery album reportedly due out this Summer. Tom Waits confirms he gave his blessing to the covers album. Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio confirms that he has been acting as producer and that David Bowie guests. On a related note, Jose Fritz confirms that he will write an ode to her breasts in the record review.

Radiohead have announced the first leg of their U.S. tour dates. They are predicted to sell out before you can get your wallet out of your pants.

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