Stranded In Stereo: In Cineplexes This Weekend: In Bruges

Friday, February 8, 2008

In Cineplexes This Weekend: In Bruges

The last three times I was at the movies, they kept showing the trailer for In Bruges, the new movie starring Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, and that other guy. It starts out leading the viewer to believe it's some action piece, another flick for Farrell, in the role of a hitman, to show off his bad ass abilities. So, he confesses to the Father he's killed someone, Father asks who, he says you, and bang bang he's dead. Then it gets all quasi-zany, and becomes a dark hitman comedy about two guys stuck in Bruges, doing karate on a dwarf and being involved in a montage featuring an all-time favorite Pixies jam, "Something Against You."

What excites me about checking out the movie at one of its "exclusive engagements" in Boston? The fact that Colin Farrell doesn't fake an American accent this time around. It should be a riot.

"Brothels are good."

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