Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (02/11/08)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Newsletter (02/11/08)

While you're all talking about last night's Grammys or how the Writer's Strike is finally coming to an end, Jose Fritz brings you the real news highlights in our Monday Morning Newsletter.

The Muggabears are immigrating to Denton, Texas this spring with stops in Nashville, Chicago and Philly. Texas governor Rick Perry has stated that they will immediately be deported to their country of origin unless they are willing to help pick lettuce.

Pilot to Gunner reports that they will be recording a new album this march at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore. Expect a release out on Arena Rock in the fall.

Neptune has welded their instruments back into working order and head out on tour this week. They will strike fear in to the hearts of evil men, good men, innocent women small children and everyone except a few old dogs and that deaf janitor in Topeka.

Haunting Oboe Music is on schedule to release on EP per month in 2008. If you recall they were diagnosed with ADD back in September of 2007 and after selling their Ritalin to University of Texas grad students they lacked the focus to complete another full length release.

The dirty old men of Beatcircus, have scheduled album release parties in New York and Boston at The Knitting Factory and The Middle East CafĂ©. The new album Dreamland comes out on Cuniform records. O’Death and Humanwivne open, leaving the possibility Beatcircus will be upstaged by Holly Brewer’s revolting tattoos.

Andy from the band Empty Rooms has finished duct-taping his digits back in place following a terrible motorcycle accident in January. Their new EP Lacuna is out and they are playing a few dates in California this March.

Dillinger Escape Plan played the Conan O’Brien show last week creating a completely annoying viral video that completely documents their degenerative transformation into a Faith No more cover band. Check out the performance here.

Hemmingway has recorded and is releasing a series of EPs on Broken Press. Unhappy with their difficult to follow brand of noise rock, they’ve recruited Japanese author/poet Kenji Siratori to ensure the lyrics are incomprehensible as well. To end any question of anyone ever listening to them ever again the last of these EPs will be released only as an Edison cylinders and piano roll box set import-only from Luxembourg.

SXSW has released a massive list of artists playing the March 12-16th festival. The line up includes Peter & the Wolf, the Black Angels, Alina Simone, Dalek, Le Sac vs Pip, Devotchka, Eastern Conference Champions, Tommy Guerrero, The Octopus Project, and hundreds more.

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