Stranded In Stereo: New Buddyrevilles Video for "I Dream Of Rodney"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Buddyrevilles Video for "I Dream Of Rodney"

The Chicago based band The Buddyrevelles has a knack for being compared to bands like Superchunk and Polvo, both artists of the Merge Records stable who are based in North Carolina. So is it safe to say that their sound is something along the lines of Chicago post-rock via Chapel Hill? Something like that.

At any rate, the real point behind today's post is the video for "I Dream of Rodney," the second clip to be made for a song from their latest effort, Don't Quit. The video is based on a true story involving the father of the video's director, who once won a shopping spree at an Ace Hardware. The band goes so far to be as accurate as possible to recreate said shopping spree at the actual Ace Hardware the spree once took place. Do check it out:

Download: "Moods" [mp3] // [Buy Here]

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