Stranded In Stereo: Third Portishead Album Dropping 4/29

Friday, February 15, 2008

Third Portishead Album Dropping 4/29

It seems like it has been a decade, and it more or less has since we last heard anything out of Portishead. Recently, I myself started getting in to the band thanks to multiple spins on that Live PNYC record that co-worker Greg claims is the greatest live record, ever, because it doesn't even sound like it is live. And he's right - if it wasn't for the buried in the mix applause from the crowd, you wouldn't really be able to tell a difference.

So, following up their self-titled second album, the English trio will release
Third, their, um, third album, on April 29th in the states. Of the 11 new songs, I know "Machine Gun" is one that has been played live at the ATP Festival they curated, and I'm certain they'll debut a sizable number of them when they played at Coachella the weekend before. Outside of Coachella, no U.S. dates have been announce, but one could hope for more in the distant future.

01 Silence
02 Hunter
03 Nylon Smile
04 The Rip
05 Plastic
06 We Carry On
07 Deep Water
08 Machine Gun
09 Small
10 Magic Doors
11 Threads

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