Stranded In Stereo: Lollapalooza Schedule Is Set

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lollapalooza Schedule Is Set

"Schedule is out .... Ugh .... Frustrating. Fucking Brand New vs Explosions In The Sky. Argh!" was the text I received from best friend and frequent mentionee (it's not a word, I know, so sue me. Or is it?) Gianni Antonaccio this morning upon entering the office, in regards to the schedule for this year's Lollapalooza being released. More furious texts and a phone call came my way asking for my opinion. Looking over it, I see no true conflicts, but another good work out in the sun running from stage to stage for three days straight. Here's some initial highlights:

Friday, August 1 (full schedule):
- Bang Camaro at 11:15 AM? Weird? Not Weird? Undecided.
- If the layout stays the same, the south end of Grant Park is the place to be Friday with Rogue Wave in the early afternoon (1:15PM - MySpace), Bloc Party possibly debuting new material (6:15PM - AT&T), Radiohead tour buddies Grizzly Bear behind the bushes (5:45 - Citi) and Radiohead unopposed Friday night (8:00PM - AT&T).
- North end folk will get treated to sets by Cat Power (5:15PM - Playstation) and "other Friday headliner" The Raconteurs (6:15PM - Bud Light)

Saturday, August 2 (full schedule):
- A run back and forth day with Does It Offend You, Yeah? starting the day early followed by current favorite album maker Mason Jennings (11:45AM and 1:30PM - Playstation), or do you run to the south side and see Dr. Dog (1:30PM - MySpace) and then stake out a good spot for MGMT (3:30PM - MySpace) to then turn around and see Brand New (4:30PM - AT&T) to then run all the way over to get the best spot humanly possibly for Broken Social Scene (6:30PM - Bud Light) and then toss up the headliners. Wilco (8:30PM - Bud Light) or the reunited Rage Against The Machine (8:30PM - AT&T). Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, August 3 (full schedule):
- For me, it's all about the clutch ending, yet odd pairing on the north side. The National (7:15PM - Playstation) in to headliner Nine Inch Nails (8:15PM - Bud Light).
- Throughout the day, there's plenty to relax and catch: Black Kids play one of their first post-Partie shows stateside (3:30PM - Citi), Prince wannabe's Chromeo (3:15PM - MySpace), and Chicago rockers Office (11:30AM - Playstation) all deserve your undivided attention.

So, the schedule is set. Pack your bags, Bring in your allowed bottle of water, bring cash for the chicken on a stick and BBQ sandwiches, and I'll see you - in six weeks.

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