Stranded In Stereo: SIS Club Night Has a Surprise This July

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SIS Club Night Has a Surprise This July

This has got to be the most exciting Stranded In Stereo Club Night of them all. Why do you ask – because we have a surprise for you! It is a shocker. It is a bomb dropper. You will go nuts when you see who we have playing this one. Who is it? Like I am going to tell you! To find out, just make sure you get there early. Our super special, New York-based guests will take the stage at 8:30 PM sharp. Don’t you dare be late! We also have some other great bands playing as well, yes!

SIS Club Night – Wednesday July 23rd – 8PM - $3

at Rehab (formerly Club Midway) - 25 Avenue B - NYC
F or V to 2nd; F, J, M, or Z to Delancey/Essex

Again, I ain’t saying nothing!

Dan Torres (930 PM)
What are people saying about Dan Torres that hasn’t already been said? He’s been called a razor sharp songwriter, one who is powerful and moving. He is a man with a powerful voice and intelligent lyrics, a new prophet for the hopeful who own a tear-stained copy of Grace. If you like your rock to be compelling, passionate and meaningful with both substance and style, then you’ll love the songs of Dan Torres.

Will Stratton
(1015 PM)

Will Stratton has produced something stirring and hyper-personal, yet universally beautiful on What The Night Said, his debut record. What really defines the music – and the album – is the lushness of Stratton’s vision, poetically and musically. So many accomplished artists have effectively set off after this precarious balance of levity and gravity; on this album Stratton ranks with the absolute best. Join us and Will for a special full band performance.

Anthem In (1100 PM)
On September 15th of 2007, Allen Orr and Ashley Proffitt met in a rehearsal space in the Lower East Side, exactly seven years to the day after the two of them met for the first time in Atlanta. They bonded over a mutual love of Def Leppard’s Hysteria, and Anthem In was born. Ashley knew Keith Vogelsong in Atlanta, where he was fronting The Blue Hour. Keith moved to New York to relocate the record label he runs, Goodnight Records, and about five minutes after he got off the plane, Ashley nabbed him as Anthem In’s bassist. Drummer Paul Petitto was procured by theft from the band he was playing with at the time in New York, Russian Vogue, and Anthem In was complete.

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