Stranded In Stereo: UNKLE End Titles Giveaway

Friday, July 18, 2008

UNKLE End Titles Giveaway

We already gave you some MP3's last week, and now we want to give you the whole thing! That's right, we've got a great UNKLE giveaway for you this week.

In celebration of the digital release of their new album,
End Titles ... Stories For Film, we're giving away some copies of the album. Now I know, some of you are scratching your heads, hours after seeing The Dark Knight, going "copies? But it's only available digitally, Rusty!" Yes, this is true, but the band will be releasing it in physical form on September 2nd, so you can say this is win it before you can buy it way in advance. Two winners will not only receive a copy of the CD in super limited edition packaging only available in the US through the band's website (see that nifty picture above), but also on vinyl as well. A third winner will win the album on CD in the above pictured limited edition packaging only.

How can you win? Just e-mail me your five favorite albums of the year and will pick winners at random next week. Until then, we give you UNKLE's take on the theme to the X-Files theme that will be featured in the new X-Files movie that hits theaters next week.

Download: "X-Files Theme" [mp3]

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