Stranded In Stereo: Rosebuds Go Life Like on New Album

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rosebuds Go Life Like on New Album

So I'm back from vacation. I loved being without the internet for a week, it was magical, but once I had access again I was told of a new Rosebuds album. Oh the things I miss when my Mac can't check e-mail and other assorted things.

So it's been a year and a half since the amazing face melting time that was
Night Of The Furies and even less time since the remix album that paid tribute to it. And now, on October 7th, we will have the newest chapter in the Rosebuds tale, Life Like. The album apparently is more like album's previous to Furies; judging from the preview video the band uploaded, it reminds me quite a bit of Birds Makes Good Neighbors. Kelly and Ivan Rosebud tracked this one at home in Raleigh, and then had friends like touring drummer Matt McCaughn and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon chime in here and there. What excites me even more is that the 10-track set closes out with "In The Backyard", quite possibly the greatest unreleased Rosebuds jam.

And as I write this, I notice that the band has uploaded several tracks to their MySpace page. You should check them out!

Life Like:
01 Life Like
02 Cape Fear
03 Border Guards
04 Bow to the Middle
05 Nice Fox
06 Another Way In
07 Concordia Military Club
08 Hello Darling
09 Black Hole
10 In the Backyard

Teaser vid:

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