Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (9/9/08)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Newsletter (9/9/08)

It’s been a very political week in what will surely be a political year. McCain managed to find some hot redneck babe in Alaska who was more conservative than himself and more tied to oil companies. Obama picked a dude as old and white as McCain. Hell, the police riot on the first day of the RNC was way bigger than the one at the RATM show. Jose says when in doubt vote brown.

The singers of the band Heart, Ann and Nancy Wilson, have issued a cease-and-desist letter to the RNC. They are demanding the RNC cease all use of the song "Barracuda". Apparently the Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song… again. If you recall they went through this just a few weeks ago with artist Jackson Browne. I guess he’s having a senior moment.

Travis Stever, guitarist for Coheed And Cambria, will be releasing his solo project Davenport Cabinet on Equal Vision. The CD mixed by Mike Major Sparta, Nostalgia In Stereo will be released on October 14, 2008.

After five years of lawyers stealing all the money, Great White will pay out $1 million to settle it’s remaining lawsuits. If you recall in 2003, 100 people died at Rhode Island nightclub fire including the group's own guitarist, Ty Longley. The blaze was started by stage pyrotechnics igniting soundproofing foam on the ceiling. Earlier this year, the town of West Warwick and the state of Rhode Island agreed to pay $10 million for each victim to settle all claims of negligence. When you burn the club down nobody remembers the opening band.

Kim Kardashian said last week on the E! satellite radio show that she would like to try her hand at singing. I quote: "I would be down, if it was something fun. I love music, so it would just have to be the right thing." On the upside this puts her that one-step closer to the nude pictorial / career comeback.

Fallen British rock star and pederast Gary Glitter is on the loose! Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, has been freed from a Vietnamese prison after completing his three-year sentence for the most recent time he was convicted of molesting two young girls. Glitter, now 63, was arrested back in November of 2005 at Ho Chi Minh airport trying to flee the country. He has announced his intention to return to the UK. Keep your eyes out for a touchy feely guy that looks like James Carville but with huge white shoulder pads.

The Osmonds are back as well! I’m not sure what’s more terrifying extreme wholesomeness or abject pedophilia. Donny and Marie Osmond are about to begin a 26-week stretch in Las Vegas. Their run at the Flamingo Showroom starts tomorrow. This will be their first stretch in sin city in 29 years. Don’t we all miss the days when the town was run by mobsters not baby boomers.

Los Angeles businessman Allan Brown is suing Kiss front man Gene Simmons for fraud and slander. Brown further accuses Simmons of excluding him from a marketing deal with the Indy Racing League. The lawsuit claims that Brown played a key role in negotiating the agreement whereas Simmons only wrote their theme song "I Am Indy.” Those MBAs get so jealous when they’re jilted.

Scott Weiland has announced to release his 2nd solo album. The CD, titled Happy, finds a release on Weiland's vanity label Softdrive. The disc should land November 18th, a full decade after the smack-head put out 12 Bar Blues, his previous solo effort. Jose admits the thing was under-rated.

Speaking of under-rated, Alice In Chains has announced plans to enter the recording studio this October. They will be starting work on their first album of new material with vocalist William DuVall. DuVall replaces Layne Staley who was also a little smack-head who died in 2002 of an overdose. In the intervening six years Jerry Cantrell tried his hand at vocals which was an equally bad idea.

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