Stranded In Stereo: Tyler Carmody & Von Murphy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tyler Carmody & Von Murphy

I was on vacation. It was desperately needed. I’d been too cranked up for too long and was starting to get that deep misanthropy I’m so prone to. So I locked up the firearms, packed a bag and drove about as far north as one can in this time zone. I listened to nothing but CBC Public Radio in Francais and I tried to avoid indie rock.

Like a psychopomp, indie rock came lumbering out. Even there in the furthest reaches, the most rural of places it found me. I was at a farmers market and there by the door two dirty teenagers in grey hoodies were selling slightly used rock posters and a short stack of zines with a CD-R inside attached with a piece of masking tape. It was entirely unlabeled - no band name, no track listing, no label, no nothing.

It was brilliant and horrible at the same time. MC Tyler Carmody raps over beats by himself and Von Murphy. There is a tape manipulators math in this like Steve Fisk or Black Moth Super Rainbow. Tape Manipulation it it’s furthest extreme just rips the ferrous oxide from the cellophane backing. Of course today Tyler and Von Murphy probably recorded directly to a hard drive making the lo-fi Casio bleeps and blips all the more charming. The fact that they manage to create, and sustain a melody makes it magic.

Download Here


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