Stranded In Stereo: Boy Genius Heads to Anchorage

Friday, November 28, 2008

Boy Genius Heads to Anchorage

The first thing that strikes me about the music on Boy Genius’ Anchorage is their dynamic use of texture. They have a unique way of combining warm tones and somewhat unusual instrumentation in their songs. In “Eureka” the organ adds a great extra layer to the chorus, and the tremolo guitar/glockenspiel combination that follows perfectly compliments the previous section; it adds a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere to the song. “Marigold” begins with two arpeggiated guitars that vaguely resemble Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes” guitar pattern, but then Boy Genius surprises listeners with a sweet section of glockenspiel and melodica. It is these short spurts of charming orchestration and simple melodies that add something special to Anchorage that you don’t find on a lot of other Indie-rock albums. These simple songs utilize clean sounding instruments yet somehow still maintain a raw edge. Jason Korenkiewicz’s voice sounds casual and honest, and makes you feel that he is in the room with you. His vocals both contrast and blend nicely with Lisa Klimkiwicz’s crystal-like voice. All in all, Anchorage delivers 40 minutes of good songwriting and unexpected twists that are easy and pleasant to listen to.

Download: "Failing Gravity" [mp3]

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