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Friday, January 9, 2009

Flight of the Conchords Giveaway!

In 2006, I was at SXSW and headed over to the Sub Pop showcase early. It was already packed, the crowd going nuts for the fact that two men sat on stools and tuned up their acoustic guitars. I had no idea who they were, all I could think was how boring I feared the next 40 minutes of my life would be. And then they started to play "The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room". By the end of the set, songs like "Jenny" and "Business Time" had brought me to the point of tears from laughing so hard. And this is how I was introduced to
Flight of the Conchords.

Since then, the kiwi duo have enjoyed success in the form of a great show on HBO and a studio album released on Sub Pop. Now, FOTC the show returns for its second season on Sunday, January 18th, and we here at Stranded in Stereo are celebrating this joyous occassion by giving you the chance to win some awesome Conchord swag. One person who enters this here contest will win a copy of the first season of the show on DVD, along with a nifty notebook complete with quotes and pictures of Bret and Jermaine, and some guitar picks, postcards and a poster!

Also, have you entered your submission to the Lip Dub Fansterpiece yet? If not, go over to this site and get some instructions from obsessive Conchord fan Mel on how you might just find yourself on HBO.

Click Here to Enter!

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