Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (1/12/09)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Newsletter (1/12/09)

Dead this week is Betty Freeman. You don’t know her name, but she was a strong supporter of post-modern minimalist music. It’s an arena that does not get by on CD sales, gigs, and T-shirts: they need grants, and philanthropy. Betty carried artists like John Cage, Steve Reich, Pierre Boulez, John Adams, Terry Riley, and Morton Feldman. She died on Saturday of cancer at 87.

Ron Asheton, founding member of The Stooges, was found dead last week at his home. His personal assistant called the police after Asheton went missing for a few days. Initial reports suggest that Asheton had a heart attack. He had a history of high blood pressure but no other major medical problems. He was 60.

Soul singer Ruby Wilson suffered a mild stroke on New Year's Day and is presently hospitalized. Wilson is expected to return to Memphis on Wednesday to begin rehab. The stroke occurred shortly after a performance in Philadelphia, MS. Her agent has stated that Wilson would be performing again as early as February.

Greg Allman was burgled this week. The burglars stole a number of items including collections of silver and gold coins, personal papers, collectible knives, several tapes of unreleased recordings and a handgun. Most of the items have already been recovered but the handgun is still among the missing.

Jihadists have published a list online of targeted Jews in response to the invasion of Gaza. The list was posted on and included Amy Winehouse and British music producer Mark Ronson. On the other hand Salman Rushdie is still alive so take it as you will.

Prince has planned a busy 2009. The artist formerly known as the artist formerly know as Prince will release three albums this year. These albums will be titled: Lotus Flower, MPLSOUND and Elixir. The third is a collaboration with Bria Valente. The Artist has also launched a new Website that seems like it’s earmarked for the influx of new releases:

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