Stranded In Stereo: Monday Morning Newsletter (3-9-09)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Newsletter (3-9-09)

It's the ultimate irony, the original fake rock band, Spinal Tap, is doing a reunion tour. They’ve planned a 30-city tour starting this April. Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer. This time around they will be doing acoustic versions of the original This Is Spinal Tap material. A statement from the band reads, "You'll never hear Tap songs less loud."

On April 18th we will be celebrating Record Store Day. It’s not a holiday, but actually just a clever marketing gimmick. Independent record stores will debut exclusive releases and sport live performances. But it’s for a good cause, these stores are becoming an endangered species.

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Coolio got busted this week. At the security check at Los Angeles International Airport, screeners found crack cocaine in his pockets. Coolio then got physically aggressive and was detained. He was later released on $10,000 bail. This is better than his appearance on Big Brother.

Former Monkee Peter Tork has been diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma a rare cancer. The 67-year-old guitarist discovered he had cancer after a biopsy of his tongue last week. Tork will have to undergo radiation but is expected to make a full recovery.

On March 25th Mindless Self Indulgence will release a 2-disc special edition of their most recent album "IF." The release is planned for Japan-only and comes out via Vinyl Junkie Records. The import will feature a variety of previously unreleased material. Bastards!

Inexplicably Miley Cyrus is releasing her first biography this month at the age of 16. The tome of fluff is titled Miles to Go and was launched at a New York Barnes & Noble. Jose is utterly nauseated. It's a must-have for pedophiles everywhere.

El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, solo project of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, is finally releasing a set of long-rumored solo albums. The three albums were recorded in 2006 this first of which, Cryptomnesia, will see daylight this May. All three are planned to be released through his own label, Rodriguez-Lopez Productions.

Amy Winehouse has raised the bar. I never thought I’d care about Amy again but she’s now in trouble for slapping a photo-snapping fan. The incident occurred at a charity ball in London last year. Ms. Sheren Flash has stated that the infamous crackhead/soul singer hit her eye at the event on Sept. 26. A court date is scheduled for March 17.

Fatboy Slim is in rehab! Mr. Norman Cook has checked himself into a clinic in the UK to dry out. Apparently he's having trouble with the bottle again. For Jose this leaves the question: Can sober people DJ?


Beth said...

You forgot to mention some of the shocking topics covered in Miley Cyrus' autobiography. She talks about being violently bullied at school and refers to her ex-boyfriend from the Jonas Brothers as "Prince Charming."

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