Stranded In Stereo: Passion Pit Ready Manners, Reveal "The Reeling"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Passion Pit Ready Manners, Reveal "The Reeling"

More than anyone, for reasons unannounced, have I spent a lot of time with Passion Pit. Not with the guys, but with their music. Chunk of Change, the Boston-based band's debut EP, is something that was on repeat for all of the fall. They were the one band I saw at CMJ more times than any other, frankly because they were everywhere.

And after running amok in the US and the UK and at SXSW, the band is currently taking a siesta before their debut full-length,
Manners, is before us on May 19th. The 11-song set features lots of hand bells, lots of grooves, trumpets, a sleepyhead and a children's choir to boot.

1. Make Light
2. Little Secrets
3. Moth's Wings
4. The Reeling
5. Eyes As Candles
6. Swimming in the Flood
7. Folds In Your Hands
8. To Kingdom Come
9. Sleepyhead
10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
11. Seaweed Song

To give you a taste - with those trumpets and the children's choir in tow - check out "The Reeling" on the band's MySpace.

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