Stranded In Stereo: Thursday Video Round-Up

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Video Round-Up

So the other week I did this on a Friday, but this week I decided to do it on a Thursday just because I can't contain my excitement anymore on these fun videos I have to share with you. In no order other than the logical whatever comes to my mind first as I write this post:

First we have that Cymbals Eat Guitars band whose star is surely on the rise. Since I first started spinning their phenomenal debut Why There Are Mountains back in January, Pitchfork has become their newest fans awarding both the album and the jam "Wind Phoenix" with the Best New Music stamp of approval. They're also opening up for The Walkmen AND Beach House at Webster Hall in NYC tonight. Looks like my blogger license will stay in tact. Here's some footage from them this past Easter weekend, opening up for Beep Beep at the Cake Shop.

Cymbals Eat Guitars | April 12th Cake Shop | nyc from intervuus on Vimeo.

Next up is the new video from St. Vincent. I love me some Annie Clark. She is so, so pretty. She is only two years older than me. Can anyone arrange a date? Either way, the lovely songstress has a new album called Actor coming out on May 5th, and the first single is "Actor Out Of Work". In the video for said song, it appears her cuteness be auditioning actors that are out of work I bet. And they are crying. And she thinks she loves me, she thinks she might? [Editor's Note - Apparently it's "mad" not "might." Either way!]

Finally, we have the latest video from The Breeders. They're getting up there in age, but I still find Kim and Kelley Deal attractive in the same way I do Kim Gordon. They are chicks who rock out in indie rock bands and they smile and are oh-so polite. Oh, and their new video takes place at a roller derby! The track is the titular song from their new self-released Fate to Fatal EP. It's a pretty catchy jam but you'll have to jump through a hoop to see this one. Rolling Stone has the exclusive so click here and watch it. No blood for the weak at heart, at least I don't think so.

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