Stranded In Stereo: Band of the Week: Impossible Hair

Monday, May 18, 2009

Band of the Week: Impossible Hair

If the XTC that made Drums And Wires were from Baltimore, they would be Impossible Hair. The hooks, both catchy and a bit disjointed, mixed together with intricate keyboards and precision drumming, have the signature sound of Wham City all over it. But their Baltimore is a different Wham City – not the hipster one where Dan Deacon is ringleader. Songs like “Tambourines of Fury” and “Have You Got The Dog?” instantly reel the listener in, full of tight guitars and drum patterns reminiscent of Wire, while “X-Ray Man” starts off with a fluttering keyboard that gives way to late 70s post-rock sheen.

These are just a few of the many highlights on the band’s debut, What Is The Secret of Impossible Hair. And with the recent acquisition of Secret producer Roman Kuebler of the Oranges Band on the bass, the band recently returned from a tour of Europe. Hopefully they’ll be hitting the road in the states soon, showing off their Baltimore rock ethos with the rest of the country.

Download: "X-Ray Man" [mp3]

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