Stranded In Stereo: J.A.C.K. : Deletist

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

J.A.C.K. : Deletist

Jaggedly Assaulting Cannibalistic Killers, or possibly Jumping Anatomical Caribbean Kinfolk, or even Jiving Alligators Carrying Keyboards…whatever J.A.C.K. means they just want to let you know “they stand for something.” This four piece of raucous and raging musicians, with a mystery meaning behind their acronym, are releasing their first full-length album, Deletist, from Yabyum Records on June 16. Subtle melodic intros complimented by crashing climactic finishes, and powerful vocals; the true meaning behind the ambiguous J.A.C.K. is up for you to decide.

Tracks like "Whorse" and lead off jam "Dracula" are big and bombastic, while "Suicide Man," with its footstomp and hand claps and gang vocals at the beginning, totally reminds me of that Portugal. The Man band everyone here at the office digs. If you're in the NYC area, the band have a pair of dates coming up and should go see them. Oh, and our own Jose Fritz, who turned me on to this album, is a rather big fan of the band. Check out his review over on the main site if you haven't already.

05.30 Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery
Brooklyn, NY @ Castle in Hell

Download: "Dracula" [mp3]

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