Stranded In Stereo: Band of the Week: Maribel

Monday, June 29, 2009

Band of the Week: Maribel

Lately, it seems that a simple analogy could be used to sum up the musical preferences of two of the Scando territories: Sweden is to sunny pop what Norway is to dark shoegaze. Norway has taken over and added to this decade's shoegaze, especially when you look at bands like Sereena-Maneesh, Simon Says No, and the Megaphonic Thrift.

Add to that list Maribel, who just recently released their debut album, who take fuzzed out dreamscapes to a new and exciting level. Long-player Aesthetics is nine tracks (plus a bonus song only available on a Norwegian 7") of what we have come to love from this genre. Now the next thing we want to know is this -- when are you coming to the States?

Download: "Ecstatic" [mp3]

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