Stranded In Stereo: Sonic Youth Gets Tricky on Letterman

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sonic Youth Gets Tricky on Letterman

So, I was flipping around last night, and at 12:29AM I turned Letterman on. Kathy Griffin was still running her big mouth. I was starting to wonder if she was going to bump Sonic Youth kind of like that GM Asshole did with Grizzly Bear before them. Luckily, at 12:34AM the Youth took the stage and tore through a great version of The Eternal lead track "Sacred Trickster". For being well over 50, they all still rock like their playing to nobody in the early 80s on a tour from Hell with Swans. And, oh, Kim Gordon, you can still shimmy and shake like no other and it's still the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

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