Stranded In Stereo: Stranded in Stereo Volume 14 Is Here! Download Me!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stranded in Stereo Volume 14 Is Here! Download Me!

We're kicking up Summer 2009 with a digital version of our latest sampler. For those of your on our mailing list, this is the only format that it comes in, so download away! With the digital move, we hope to have more editions next year, which is good for you, because you'll get your hands on even more new music.

We're particularly happy with this sampler, as we have new stuff from Son Volt, LoveLikeFire, The Beautiful Confusion, Rubicks, Fitz & the Tantrums, Gliss, Pull in Emergency, Sky Larkin, The Ringers, Longwave, The Hundred Days, and The Love Language.

1. Son Volt - "Down To The Wire"
2. LoveLikeFire - "William"
3. The Beautiful Confusion - "December Morning"
4. Rubicks - "Red Rock"
5. Jeff Who? - "The Great Escape"
6. Gliss - "Beauty"
7. Pull In Emergency - "Planes"
8. Found - "Let Fidelity Break"
9. The Ringers - "Rough In The Diamond"
10. The Proclaimers - "17"
11. Archways - "Jinx"
12. Conshafter - "Bought And Sold"
13. The Hundred Days - "Spin"
14. Looner - "I Love My Tamagotchee"

1. The Rushing - "Step Inside"
2. Fitz & The Tantrums - "Breakin' The Chains of Love"
3. Jason Reeves - "Someone Somewhere"
4. Cocktail Slippers - "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
5. The Urgency - "Revolution"
6. LoveLikeFire - "William"
7. Franz Nicolay - "Jeff Penalty"
8. Sky Larkin - "Antibodies"
9. The Love Language - "Sparxx"
10. Longwave - "The Devil & The Liar"
11. Gene Dante & The Future Starlets - "A Madness To His Method"

Download: SIS v14 Audio [zip] // SIS v14 Video [zip]

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Anonymous said...

this is great!
I stopped getting the physical cd after like the 6th volume.
Don't know why :\