Stranded In Stereo: New Datarock Video: "True Stories"

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Datarock Video: "True Stories"

True story: as usual, my dedicated listening schedule to WOXY introduced be to Datarock and their new song, "True Stories". True story - the lyrics, every line, every last word are - you guess it - Talking Heads song titles. Even the song title, which is also the name of the album that was the soundtrack to that David Byrne movie from the 80s that also featured an apperance by John Goodman.

Born Under Punches
Crosseyed And painless
Slippery People
I’m Not In Love

Houses In Motion
A Road To Nowhere
Once In A Lifetime
I’m Not In Love

Don’t Worry About The Government
The Democratic Circus
Cause Mommy Daddy You and I
Are Burning Down The House

Psycho Killer
Television Man
I’m Not In Love

Puzzling Evidence
Seen And Not Seen
This Must Be The Place
I’m Not In Love

Don’t Worry 'Bout The Government
The Democratic Circus
Cause Mommy Daddy You and I
Are Burning Down The House

I Get wild
Wild Gravity
Wild Wild Life
The Big Country

Their new album, it's called Red, also features a song about Molly Ringwald called "Molly". Anyone want to let Spong know? Ha.


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