Stranded In Stereo: Silver Swans

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silver Swans

Everyone has a different side, especially musicians, and it's always great to hear that. We all know Ann Yu as the vocalist for LoveLikeFire and are unique ability to create dramatic and memorable songs, but in her side project Silver Swans (with Jon Waters), she shows her keen sense of anchoring dancefloor fillers with beautifully swirling hollow vocals and intricate electro instrumentals that lift you into a dream state...a constant, yet enjoyable struggle between vocals and electronics.

Their debut album Realize the Ghost is out in January on San Francisco-based Tricycle Records.

[mp3]: "Realize the Ghost"


Jinkymann said...

odd... i can usually say that an artist sounds like another to me.
but silver swans aren't like any other artists I've heard before, and they're really great!
good post.

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