Stranded In Stereo: Three things I hate today!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three things I hate today!

Sometimes i open up youtube and click on the music section to find things that may annoy me and make me laugh at the pathetic-ness of the failing Major-Label pop scene, while inspiring me to promote things i like, almost to prove to myself that there is music of merit out there. These three tracks i am about to play should make you laugh, cry and hopefully puke. If not your reading the wrong blog and subsequently will hate me and leave lame comments insulting my grammar as a way to prove your awful tastes are justified due to the fact you put the right there or their in a sentence. Congratulations, your still suck.


According to a interview i saw also on Youtube, Miley doesnt listen to Jay-Z even though the chorus features the lyric "
and a Jay Z song was on" repeatedly. She also went on to state that she doesnt listen to commerical music. Strangely enough her favourite song is Surrender by Cheap Trick. Weird.


I do not have much to say about this except there is way to much counting and the clip is a bad experiment in motion graphics and flash animation.


What the fuck is this post Lady Gaga bullshit. Its as bad as that girl from the hills shitey Britney Wanna be music..... Kill me

Now back to writing about indie bands.