Stranded In Stereo: Three Trapped Tigers

Friday, December 4, 2009

Three Trapped Tigers

I was strolling through the internet yesterday and i stumbled across a something i've been missing for a long time. Good electronic music. These days its usually just 80's inspired electro-rock in other words, a disco beat, keyboards straight out of The NeverEnding Story and a woman dressed as a mirror ball singing about lost love and leather. Not that that is neccessarily a bad thing, it's just overdone. I remember when Aphex Twin's Richard D James album came out, to me it was mind boggleing. It sounded like music straight from the future and it still sounds ahead of its time. I dont know if Timbaland's fancy future productions will feel the same in 15 years.

Three Trapped Tigers
are a band, a three piece to be precise. They harness the math rock timing and tightness of groups like Battles and Health and fuse it with the electronic orchestrations of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Chris Clark and other Warp related bands and do it mostly live. It makes me happy, especially now that Aphex doesn't do anything, Squarepusher has become kinda shit and Warp is becoming a place of up and coming indie bands.

Three Trapped Tigers are touring around Europe currently and i implore any one who can to get off your hipster asses and go see them. Embrace the future, move on from the endless revivalist scene, leave that for the ATP dont look back tours of bands that created these sound.

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