Stranded In Stereo: SiS At Lollapalooza - Day Two

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SiS At Lollapalooza - Day Two

Better late than never, part two of my weekend coverage finally comes around a week later.

Saturday at Lollapalooza, for everyone, proved to be the busiest of three days. With the multiple scheduling conflicts, bands one after the other at opposite ends of the park. The G Snatch and I, we spent parts of the day split up: while he wanted to relive his days of Warped Tour past (Motion City Soundtrack causing the biggest mosh pit of the weekend at the MySpace stage,) I wanted to catch the band that keeps on garnering all the attention (Cold War Kids on the other side of the shrubbery at the Citi Stage.) I planned on staying there and staying put to finally bear witness to the live frenzy that is CSS, but they missed their flight from the Virgin Festival. The band would eventually go on to write a burning missive on their website detailing how they'll never fly United. Ever. Again.

When we did get together, though, the Snatch and I had only the best of times: Tokyo Police Club started things off early in the day at the AT&T Stage, through the rallying cries of "Cheer It On" (they get 10 points for name checking themselves in the chorus.) Before them, we saw Matt & Kim play before a huge morning crowd over at the Adidas Stage, both convince that an awestruck Matt was about ready to blubber by the number of people who came out at 11 in the morning to see them barrel through "Yeah Yeah" and other songs from last year's self-titled debut. The legendary (don't know how I feel about using that word) Aussie trio of Silverchair played to a crowd more interested in hearing them play cuts from Frogstomp, but would be disappointed to see Daniel Johns and the boys playing mostly stuff from the recently released Straight Lines. The crowd would return the favor by not really participating nor singing along, causing Johns to tell the crowd "Don't let me down, you'll make me cry!" Guess he thought he was still Down Under where they still have a commanding following.

Spoon, on the other hand, had a huge crowd at the MySpace stage. The rain didn't stop the crowd from going Ga Ga (I'll never tire of using the title to write) with new songs like "Don't Make Me A Target" and "Don't You Evah," while treating the crowd to classics like "The Fitted Shirt" and "I Turn My Camera On."

The Snatch and I split for the headliners this evening: while he caught Muse's loud performance with ridiculous light show in tact, I saw Interpol play to a bunch of frat boys and other hipsters. Surprisingly, the American Eagle-clad frat boys I mentioned didn't just sing along to the new songs from Our Love To Admire (such as "No I In Threesome" and "Rest My Chemistry,") but were also very familiar with the songs from their near perfect debut, Turn On The Bright Lights (the highlight of the night for me was the band's amazing rendition of my all time favorite Interpol song, "Say Hello To The Angels." Hell, they even played "Not Even Jail." Rusty = floored.)

I promise Day 3 will be around tomorrow, and before this week is over, I've got pictures for you all to see. Maybe even some video footage?

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