Stranded In Stereo: November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fuck it i'm moving to New York - ATP 2010

I don't know about most of you but i love the Dont Look Back tours of late. There is nothing better then seeing your fan-boy favored album recreated by people you respect even when they produce lesser albums in there "twilight" years (not a reference to those Mormon abstinence movies) and are the same age as your parents or at least your wacky young uncle. I go to these shows as much as i can and mostly they are brilliant. Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation, The Pixies's Doolittle, GZA's Liquid Swords and a million other awesome shows that have come to pass and are yet to excite. Sure its a way for the mortgage indebted to save there asses, but also you can go from playing the Troubadour to the Palladium on the basis of a 40 minute set + some B-Sides and no one in the crowd can complain about which songs you did or did not play as they know what the set will be. Everybody wins.

This brings me to something i am drooling on my pants about.... Iggy and the Stooges doing all of Raw Power with mysterious guitar genius James Williamson. J-Will quit after the obscure release Kill City and New Values to become and electronic engineer in the computer business and worked his way up to Vice President of Technology Standards with Sony Electronics. Now he is stepping down from the corporate ladder and bringing his ferocious Zeppelin meets punk rock style to ATP NY 2010 and i want to be there. I'm willing to pay the exuberant prices for tickets accommodation and flights just to satisfy my nerdy lust for rock.

Also to ice the proverbial cake Sub-Pop darlings Mudhoney are playing one of my favorite albums of the early 90's Superfuzz Bigmuff and The Scientists are bringing there Aussie noise rock to do Blood Red River. God help me, i need to go!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Casper Bangs

Some of you may remember DC native Rob Pierangeli from the Hard Tomorrows, but since that band broke up he has been exploring other musical avenues. His new project Casper Bangs has been receiving a ton of buzz, and with good reason. He's combined a love of British-influenced indie rock with his knack for perfect pop hooks. Whitespace, a five song EP will be released on December 1st via Planaria and North Sea Records, while the full-length record, I Woke Up is due in early spring 2010.

For live shows, Pierangeli is joined on stage by Rishi Chakrabarty (guitar), Dennis Mannuel ( drums and vocals), Chaim Rubenstein (keyboards and vocals), and Wes Garcia (bass).

[mp3]: "Queen of Hearts"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Julie The Band cover the Beatles!

Beatles classic "Oh Darling!" live by Julie the Band.

See them live at Good Hurt on the 28th of November and 6th of December at Spaceland.

The live show is as spectacular as the music – adding belly dancers, live strings and horns to Nathan’s amped-up performance style. “JULIE’s music will make you feel good inside,” says Dustin. “There is an unexplainable magic and chemistry in the songs and their performance – we all feel it and so do our fans,”

All that and a Beatles cover.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Batrider, Blarke Bayer, Monster - The Smell 11/19/09

Tonight at LA's infamous all ages punk venue The Smell comes two luminaries from the southern hemispheres noisey rock/punk scene flanked by psychedelic Mazzy Star'ish Silverlake band, Monster .

Batrider from New Zealand/England and when i knew them, Melbourne, bring a brutally melodic, noise laden form of sludge rock that heralds influence's from seventies punk to nineties grunge. Their lead singer's voice sweet, yet torn, rides high above there tortured riffs and droning rhythms creating beauty from distorto-horror. Live they sway and brood creating a drowned in sound, underwater feeling that pulls you in and leave's you deaf.

Blarke Bayer from awesome Melbourne Shellac influenced noise rock band My Disco is playing also, what he will be doing is a mystery to me. From listening to his myspace i assume a free-form noise art experiment. His guitar playing in My Disco is a sharp and brutal, mathematical sound. In his other band Agents of Abhorrence he plays in your face grind core guitar with super fast rhythms and insane time signature changes. Who knows what tonight will hold but I'm sure it will be a surprise to the LA punters, go see tonight and hurt your brain.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Samuel Stewart Takes Over LA this Weekend

Don't let the fact that Samuel Stewart is Dave Stewart's son effect your opinion of him either way - Sam wouldn't like that. The only thing that should matter is how you actually feel about his music, and this weekend he is giving Los Angeles two ways to find out what all of the fuss is about.

Tomorrow night he is at the Bootleg Theatre, which is kind of a dump in a sketch neighborhood, but that only adds to its charm. The gig should be fun nonetheless, as it will be in an intimate setting that will allow you see Samuel in the type of intimate setting in which he shines.

Friday night will be a very special gig, the first in a series of parties we're throwing at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park. This "Writer's Bloc Party" is our way of bringing together bloggers, writers, fans, and friends in a unique setting to showcase some of the best new music. This gathering is free, but is invite only. If you'd like to attend, please e-mail me (address on the right at the top) or leave a comment with your contact info. It starts at 7.30pm (free beer).

It you don't know Samuel's music, here's a taste of "Devil Music."

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Harrys Gym Video: "Top of the Hill"

This video isn't new at all as it came out at the very beginning of this year, but Harrys Gym has made quite a resurgence in my life lately. "Attic" has been popping up a lot, and so has the amazing "The Escape."

When I was in Norway in February, the band mentioned to me that they were working on a second disc - if anyone has news on this, please keep me posted. This is a group that is poised to do big things, as the NME and Drowned in Sound have been all over these guys.

[mp3]: "The Escape"

Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Wolves: New Album

Coming straight out of Montreal is Canada's top wolf related band We are Wolves with their third full-length album Invisible Violence. Recorded by Radwan Moumneh (Silver Mt. Zion, Pas Chic Chic) and Hadji Bakara (Wolf Parade, Megasoid) Invisible Violence expands upon there irreverant dance rock with bratty punk ("Holding Hands"), hypnotic electro-pop ("Reaching for the Sky") and moody angular anthem's ("Walking Commotion").

Due for release on February 2, 2010 via Dare to Care Records this three-piece's follow-up to there thrillingly danceable sophomore release Total Magique will entice fans with there visceral sonic explosion and expand upon there well devised sound which will no doubt be a treat for fans on there subsequent tour. They have been praised by The New York Time's, Pitchfork and Spin and In three months there is no telling the accolades they will recieve and the sonic treats we will enjoy. Now we just play the waiting game. ("the waiting game sucks let's play hungry hungry hippos.")

Track Listing for Invisible Violence
1. Paloma
2. Holding Hands
3. Walking Commotion
4. Dreams
5. Vague
6. Reaching For The Sky
7. Me As The Enemy
8. Blue
9. Near Fear
10. La Rue Oblique
11. The Spectacle Of Night
12. Bounty Waterfalls


Monday, November 2, 2009

New Johnny Foreigner Video: "Crimimals"

Birmingham, England-based Johnny Foreigner are back with a new album, Grace and the Bigger Picture, which came out last week in the UK. It's a triumphant return for a band that has already made waves on both sides of the Atlantic, although having much more impact in their home country.

This record sees them writing music for the long term, as they slowly develop their sound without losing any of the punch that makes them so exciting.