Stranded In Stereo: Casper Bangs

Monday, November 23, 2009

Casper Bangs

Some of you may remember DC native Rob Pierangeli from the Hard Tomorrows, but since that band broke up he has been exploring other musical avenues. His new project Casper Bangs has been receiving a ton of buzz, and with good reason. He's combined a love of British-influenced indie rock with his knack for perfect pop hooks. Whitespace, a five song EP will be released on December 1st via Planaria and North Sea Records, while the full-length record, I Woke Up is due in early spring 2010.

For live shows, Pierangeli is joined on stage by Rishi Chakrabarty (guitar), Dennis Mannuel ( drums and vocals), Chaim Rubenstein (keyboards and vocals), and Wes Garcia (bass).

[mp3]: "Queen of Hearts"

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