Stranded In Stereo: Batrider, Blarke Bayer, Monster - The Smell 11/19/09

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Batrider, Blarke Bayer, Monster - The Smell 11/19/09

Tonight at LA's infamous all ages punk venue The Smell comes two luminaries from the southern hemispheres noisey rock/punk scene flanked by psychedelic Mazzy Star'ish Silverlake band, Monster .

Batrider from New Zealand/England and when i knew them, Melbourne, bring a brutally melodic, noise laden form of sludge rock that heralds influence's from seventies punk to nineties grunge. Their lead singer's voice sweet, yet torn, rides high above there tortured riffs and droning rhythms creating beauty from distorto-horror. Live they sway and brood creating a drowned in sound, underwater feeling that pulls you in and leave's you deaf.

Blarke Bayer from awesome Melbourne Shellac influenced noise rock band My Disco is playing also, what he will be doing is a mystery to me. From listening to his myspace i assume a free-form noise art experiment. His guitar playing in My Disco is a sharp and brutal, mathematical sound. In his other band Agents of Abhorrence he plays in your face grind core guitar with super fast rhythms and insane time signature changes. Who knows what tonight will hold but I'm sure it will be a surprise to the LA punters, go see tonight and hurt your brain.

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