Stranded In Stereo: SiS 2007: The Top 30 of 2007 #30-#21 & Top 10 Songs

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SiS 2007: The Top 30 of 2007 #30-#21 & Top 10 Songs

Today, in our second part of this week long blowout to the year that was (er, still is) 2007, we take a look at the bottom third of the Top 30 Albums, while also giving away the Top 10 songs of the year.

And away we go.

The Top 30 Albums of 2007, Part 1:
30. Panda Bear // Person Pitch // Paw Tracks
29. Dntel // Dumb Luck // Sub Pop
28. Shout Out Louds // Our Ill Wills // Merge
27. St. Vincent // Marry Me // Beggars
26. Kings Of Leon // Because Of The Times // RCA
25. Thurston // Trees Outside The Academy // Ecstatic Peace
24. Fiery Furnaces // Widow City // Thrill Jockey
23. Interpol // Our Love To Admire // Capitol
22. Electrelane // No Shouts, No Calls // Too Pure
21. Field Music // Tones Of Town // Memphis Industries

The Top 10 Songs of 2007:
10. "Miles Under The Skin" // Robert Pollard // Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love // Merge
09. "Now Now" // St. Vincent // Marry Me // Beggars
08. "D.A.N.C.E." // Justice // // Vice
07. "Hit The Heartbrakes" // Black Kids // Wizard of Ahhh's // Self-Released
06. "The Moneymaker" // Rilo Kiley // Under The Blacklight // Warner Bros.
05. "Same Old Drag" // The Apples In Stereo // New Magnetic Wonder // Yep Roc
04. "Need Your Needs" // Georgie James // Places // Saddle-Creek
03. "Oxford Comma" // Vampire Weekend // Yellow EP // Self-Released
02. "Phantom Punch" // Sondre Lerche // Phantom Punch // Astralwerks
01. "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" // Spoon // Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga // Merge

A few notes on the Top 10 songs:
03. Some might argue that I should have waited until '08, when they drop their full length debut via XL. That song was just too good to wait a year to recognize.
06. I have a huge disdain for this album, yet last night I was having a conversation on the phone with someone about it and makes me want to revisit again because I find myself always defending three or four of it's songs. And I really like "The Moneymaker." It's no "Smoke Detector," though, I'll tell you that much.
10. I have to give the man some recognition somewhere. Sadly neither of his two Merge records, or umpteen other releases of 2007, make my Top 30. This is one of the best songs he's ever committed to tape.

And, as an early Christmas gift to you all, I encourage you to
click here to download my Top 10 Songs of 2007 as a convenient Zip file. Put this list on your iPod, burn it as a CD and make it a stocking stuffer, hell, the best place to play it would be your New Year's party as you help send off 2007 in style. This won't be available forever, so download now. Link will expire on or before December 14.

Come back tomorrow when we continue this fun. Feel free to send in your Top 10 lists and if we get enough, I can make fun posts of them next week.

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