Stranded In Stereo: Santi's Gold

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Santi's Gold

That is to say, Santi, of Santogold, is golden- like dope. So much so, that as soon as this post is over, you should go check her out. She rolled into Brooklyn, by way of Philly, and is making quite a name for herself via hard beats and beautiful vocals. Not to mention she is fine as hell!

Santogold is more than just booties and beats, in the sense that its a divergent sound from what is being created, Philly-wise. As a dude that knows his Philly, I can say that while the beats crank as much as S. Rock, who is most notable at this time for an underground Philly sound, Santo has its own credibility outside of Rock's vale of what is acceptably cool. Thats not to say she doesn't work with Spank Rock, just that she could exist without his say so. And her voice, when channeled through high-end speakers will make your underpants vibrate through your jeans- if that isn't enough, I just don't know what is.

This is a call to action kids, go check her out at her


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